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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best provider for you and your family members can be frustrating but it doesn't have to be. Here are some frequently asked questions about our practice. If you don't see your question answered here please give us a call at 920-412-9737. If this is an emergency please call 911. 

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Why should I use my own money if I have health insurance?

Most people will actually end up spending more money if they use their high deductible insurance, at least where primary care is concerned.  Save your insurance for the specialists or expensive tests, this is where corporate medicine makes their real money, anyway.  

If I see you, can I still see a specialist?

Of course!  We are more than happy to set up a specialist visit if either of us feels it is necessary. We will work hard to make sure this referral IS in your network.  

Do I still need health insurance?

It's the law, so... yes.

Of course, everyone should have major medical to be on the safe side, but you can use it more wisely by saving it for more expensive things, which we are happy to set up for you. 

Do you offer discounted lab work?

We offer in-house rapid diabetes and cholesterol testing for a small fee. We are also set up with Quest Diagnostics and are proud to offer significantly discounted labs! Otherwise, you can use your insurance at a location of your choosing. 

In addition, for our in-house or quest labs, we will make every effort to let you know the price of non-emergency labs BEFORE you get them drawn.  

How soon can I be seen?

We are currently accepting new patients of all ages; but we see people by appointment only, so please call first. We do offer same-day and next-office day appointments. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sorry, but no; this is so we can avoid long wait times for all our patients. 

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