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Meet Your Care Team

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Dr. Barbara H. Franck, M.D., is a board-certified family medicine physician who has over 20 years of experience. She grew up in Iowa, but started practicing in Wisconsin in 1997. She was drawn to family medicine because she recognizes the patient is a complete person, not an assortment of specialties. Oftentimes, one problem will feed off of another, so it is important to address these as a whole.

"I started this clinic because corporate medicine doesn't want doctors to give patients the amount of time that they deserve," states Dr. Franck. "Since 85-90% of someone's healthcare comes from their primary care physician, isn't it important that the doctor takes the time to listen?"


Danielle Revord MA., is the clinic's Medical Assistant.

"I believe in Time 4 U MD's patient focused model.  During covid, I didn't feel right when I saw corporate health care letting patients down. I wanted to redirect my energy into something that would directly have a positive impact on patient's lives."

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